Discovering Conference Gold

Ten easy ways to share your conference learnings with the rest of your team. By Kate Shipley Richey Spring has a habit of sneaking up on us. At Plaid, this is mainly because we’ve spent all fall and winter planning, building, and facilitating at conferences. Industry conferences are a great break from the usual routine, and it’s exciting to meet people, consider new ideas, and … Continue reading Discovering Conference Gold

A Day’s Worth of Professional Self-Care

For the good of the company, prioritize your needs. By Kate Shipley Richey As the social focus on mental health has increased, so has the popularity of terms like “self-care.” Although the term itself could be reaching buzz-word status, the concept of taking care of oneself and prioritizing individual needs before the needs of others remains an important lesson. As my sister recently said in … Continue reading A Day’s Worth of Professional Self-Care