Working Nine to Five

Long before the “Great Resignation” or the “big quit” were ever concepts, Dolly Parton had a thing or two to say about life in the workplace. Like most things Dolly does, she was spot on. Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’ Barely gettin’ by, it’s all takin’ and no givin’ In her hit song “Nine to Five,” Dolly laments the … Continue reading Working Nine to Five

Spring Cleaning is for Organizations Too.

It started when I asked my kids to try on their shoes and bring down the ones that no longer fit.  The next thing I knew, we were deep into spring cleaning.  During the process, I discovered a pipe that needed to be tightened, boxes that had not been unpacked since our move three months ago, and piles of bags were being filled with items … Continue reading Spring Cleaning is for Organizations Too.

Discovering Conference Gold

Ten easy ways to share your conference learnings with the rest of your team. By Kate Shipley Richey Spring has a habit of sneaking up on us. At Plaid, this is mainly because we’ve spent all fall and winter planning, building, and facilitating at conferences. Industry conferences are a great break from the usual routine, and it’s exciting to meet people, consider new ideas, and … Continue reading Discovering Conference Gold