Managing Holiday Stress

When looking up examples of oxymorons I expected to see the term ‘Holiday Stress’ at the top of the list right next to ‘sweet sorrow’ and ‘passive aggressive’.  But what I’ve come to realize is that for many people, the terms ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ are likely more synonymous oxymorons. If you’re like me, holiday stress has become a natural part of the season. … Continue reading Managing Holiday Stress

Developing 2021 Goals Backed by Research and Data

Finishing a race. Reaching the top of the mountain. Mastering a new skill. Big or small, achieving a goal is exhilarating. Beyond a sense of accomplishment, setting and achieving goals can have positive psychological outcomes such as increased energy, persistence, and motivation (Locke & Latham, 2012).  The benefits of good goal setting do not just apply to individuals, but organizations too. Goal setting has been … Continue reading Developing 2021 Goals Backed by Research and Data