Work from Home Playlist

Work from Home Playlist

The top 5 jams to have playing in the background this week.

By Chris Woods

This week’s Work from Home Playlist is part of our Work from Home Series, where we share some of our favorite things about working from home and have the opportunity to connect with you on a more personal level. Up first is Partner Chris Woods with a curated collection of home-office tunes.

Working from home has some great perks – flexibility, comfort, doing the laundry between conference calls. An office setting allows for in-person connections between colleagues and a constant buzz around you, so working from home can sometimes create a feeling of detachment, and an empty house can feel quiet and lonely.  To help with that silence, one of my favorite work-from-home-hacks is to have music playing in the background.  It helps me focus and provides motivation, especially when working on tedious projects.  Here are my top-5 picks for the week that are sure to keep you focused or help you practice for the next American Idol audition!

Top Hits

Off the “beaten” path


Have a song you can’t get out of your head this week? Leave it below so I can add it to my rotation!

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